Time-Saving Templates Pack

The ultimate BIM solution for SketchUp. Fully automated, tried and tested templates to go from 3D model to 2D drawings in just a few clicks.



SketchUp is fun right? It’s quick and easy to build 3D models. You can get your designs out of your head and ready to show clients in no time at all. However, when the time comes to produce drawings, things become a bit more tricky.

Maybe you have played around with Layout in the past, or maybe you just start again in AutoCAD.
There has to be an easier way.

You could go ahead and invest your time and money in learning another new software package, but how do you know it’s right for your practice? It’s a big step.

What if you didn’t have to. What if you could stick with the software you already know and love but make it work for YOU? What if, with literally just a few clicks, you could produce great looking scaled drawings from SketchUp, EVERY SINGLE TIME.


For the first time ever, I am offering for sale my own personal SketchUp and Layout templates PLUS my extensive suite of Layout Scrapbooks.

These powerful files are built on the back of countless projects, having been honed and refined over many years in practice. Through trial and error, I have ironed out every quirk, so that they JUST WORK every single time.

Sure, you could set all these templates up for yourself, but it would take WEEKS and more likely MONTHS to get them to this level of clarity and efficiency. I have literally done all of the hard work for you.

Simply add your SketchUp model to the appropriate templates and 2D drawings will be AUTOMATICALLY generated.

With these templates, you can expect to:

  • 10x your production efficiency AND produce better looking, more consistent drawings.
  • Avoid the frustration and save weeks of time spent setting up, testing and refining SketchUp and Layout files yourself - get the drawings you need to produce TODAY.
  • Save THOUSANDS of dollars by using a relatively inexpensive software package to do all the things the BIG BIM boys are doing.
  • Enjoy your work again. These templates offer all the fun of SketchUp but with full BIM functionality – so that you can spend less time documenting and more time designing.
  • Do it your way. All of these templates are fully customisable, so that you can produce drawings that look the way YOU want, without the software holding you back.


  • Your stuck in 2D CAD!… It is exhausting having to manually track every design change across multiple, unconnected drawings. However you have invested so much time and effort into setting up your current software just the way I like it, to start again from scratch would be a nightmare.

  • You know you need to 'get into BIM' but don’t know where to start or which package is right for your practice.

  • You feel frustrated by high-priced, overly complex BIM programs and the time it takes to learn to use them effectively.
  • You are fed up of being bullied by the ‘big BIM’ software companies and forced into producing drawings that look the way that THEY want, rather than what you actually need.

  • You’ve used SketchUp in the past but only for design work, before starting again in a different package, effectively doubling up your work AND paying for multiple software licenses.

  • You’ve tried learning SketchUp online before but the quality of YouTube videos varies so widely, and the techniques taught don’t always apply to the type of projects you are working on.


    Using automated templates means you don’t have to worry about how the drawings are going to turn out. We’ve already done the worrying for you!

    Less time in 2D means more time for things you do enjoy doing. That might be design work, business development or just relaxing with your family – now you have a choice.

    Working more efficiently means projects take less time to complete. Less work for the same fee means a much higher margin for your bank account.
    Quicker project turnaround also means you have time to complete more projects. You can bank more fees, WITHOUT having to take on more staff.

    Our templates are fully customisable, so that you can produce drawings that look the way YOU want them to, rather than what the software ALLOWS you to.

    Aside from the time savings and increased profits, using templates allows you to focus on quality and consistency in the work that you do.

Meet Mark Gregory

Course Instructor

Mark Gregory is a practicing Architect successfully running his own small residential design practice on the back of his flexible, efficient and cost-effective SketchUp workflow. He has worked for numerous other architecture firms, both large and small, and has experience in pretty much every software and drafting package used in the industry today.

When setting out on his own Mark chose to invest his time and money in SketchUp, and subsequently has developed practices, methods and templates that allow him to replicate the systems and processes available in larger BIM programs, but at a fraction of the cost and in much less time.

Whats included in the templates pack?

An Extensive Suite of Fully Automated SketchUp & Layout Templates for EVERY Project Stage & Drawing Type.

Pre-configured, Plug-and-Play SketchUp Scenes –
Just Add Your Model!

Intelligent Layout Sheet Sets to Instantly Create Great Looking
Scaled Drawings

BONUS: My MASSIVE Personal Suite of Layout Scrapbooks - built up progressively over 10+ years using SketchUp.

BONUS: Extensive SketchUp Styles library – Custom, Professional Looking, Architectural Styles for Every Drawing Type

BONUS:  Detailed Video Tutorials on How to Use Templates to Maximise Efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not an architect. Are these templates suitable for me?

Yes. The templates are very much designed towards architectural output but they can easily be modified to suit Interior Design, Product Design, Furniture Design & Joinery and even Landscape Architecture.

I am based in the US, will the templates work for me?

I work with metric dimensions, so the templates and sheet sizes are set up to suit the systems I work with. However, it is a simple task to switch to imperial units and I explain how to do just this in the accompanying videos.

I am a complete beginner and I have never used SketchUp before, where should I start?

 Firstly it is important to understand that SketchUp is one of the quickest and easiest modelling packages to learn. Indeed, somebody with AutoCAD experience for example will find the transition to SketchUp pretty straightforward.

However, these templates do rely on you being able to build and organise a 3D model. If really are just starting out then I would recommend SketchUp’s own Fundamentals courses, either online or in-person if you can find one near where you live. Once you have grasped the basics, come back and join us!

The templates seem quite expensive, are they worth it?

With these templates you will be able to do everything inside one software package: SketchUp.

Even if you are currently only using AutoCAD 2D, switching to SketchUp will save you a staggering $2230 EVERY YEAR, and if you are already on Revit that figure goes up to $2805 per year.

If you employ staff and you are running more than one license… well, the numbers start to get crazy, and that’s before you factor in the cost of your time saved by running a more agile and streamlined process.

Cant I just teach myself all this stuff?

You probably could. Just head over to YouTube and I am sure you will find thousands of SketchUp tutorials. Various books about SketchUp are available too. However it could take you months to sift through all of this information to find what you really need, and then you still have to try and fit it all together into a coherent system for your office.

What our templates provide is a proven process and a structured system that is specifically tailored to your needs as an architect. All of our templates have been tried and tested on real architectural projects over a number of years - we have already done all of the trial and error for you.

I don’t have a lot of time to spend learning new software. How long is this going to take?

Assuming you already know how to build and organise a SketchUp model, using these templates is a easy as just a few clicks.

If you havent already, please take a look at the video at the top of this page and you will see just how simple it really is. You should expect to make  some tweeks and alterations, as we all know every project is different, but the time-saving benefits of using these templates will truly surprise you.

Can these templates be used for large complex buildings?

Certainly. The templates can be applied to any building type or scale.

The only thing holding you back really would be whether or not your computer can handle the larger file sizes and the increased polygon counts, though this would be the case for any 3D modelling software you might choose. SketchUp files actually tend to me a lot smaller than some other BIM file types because they contain less complex data.

Expect to adjust the camera positions in the SketchUp scenes to suit larger buildings, but other than that everything should work just fine.

Do I have to purchase SketchUp Pro or can I use the free version?

The free version of SketchUp is a great place to get started and to familiarise yourself with the software, but, in order to fully utilise the templates included in this pack you will need to switch to the paid (pro) version which will give you access to the SketchUp’s powerful sister program: Layout.

As I mention above, however, this is a relatively small price to pay for the increased functionality and time-saving benefits you can expect, especially compared to the more establish BIM programs

How long do I have to access the video tutorials once I purchase the templates?

All of our products come with unlimited lifetime access from the date of purchase.. so you can take as long as you like to work through them.

What if I am unhappy with the templates?

We want you to be happy. if you don’t see significant time and efficiency savings within 30 days of purchasing them I will refund the purchase price 100%.


What price do you put on your time? $200/hr, $100/hr, maybe even $50/hr?
However much you charge, you are going to save many, many multiples of that by using these templates.

Sure you could work all of this stuff out for yourself, but it would take you a LOT of time (and likely a few headaches) before you get it right.

Wouldn’t you rather be doing something else? I know I would!– that’s why I created these templates for myself in the first place… and it took me YEARS to get them to this level.

Now the documentation side of my practice pretty much looks after itself. I can afford to spend more time refining my designs, plus the increased efficiency means I am able to complete many more projects in a year.

So that’s: More Time, More Money AND More Freedom

With these templates, there is literally no way you can lose.


  • Fully Customisable Templates for Every Model and Drawing You Will EVER Need.
  • Plug-and-Play Automation - Just Add Your Model!
  • BONUS: Detailed Video Tutorials on How to Use Templates to Maximise Efficiency
  • BONUS: Extensive SketchUp Styles library – Custom, Professional Looking, Architectural Styles.
  • 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee

Single Payment


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Payement Plan


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Ive said before that I spent a lot of time working on this templates, so I know how well they work.

I am SO confident, in fact, that if you don’t see significant time and efficiency savings within 30 days of purchasing them I will refund the purchase price 100%.


Here at SKALA studio we are really proud of our online courses and products.

We are architects and we have families too. We know first hand the challenges of starting and running an architectural practice which is why we are determined to help our students not just make more money, but to have more fun too.

We are passionate about SketchUp and the power it has to transform your business if used correctly. We want all of our students and customers to be able to work smarter and find the balance that we are all striving for.